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orlando diaz

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He was born in Mexico City on April 30, 1978. His academic training as a plastic producer began formally in 1994 as a student of the Bachelor of Arts and Humanities CEDART Frida Kahlo.
He has a Bachelor's degree at the National School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts and the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda".
From 1999 to 2000 he attended the Human Figure Drawing Workshop at the San Carlos Academy.

An integral part of training as a producer artist in Orlando Díaz. It has been as a result of their collaborative work and the learning of techniques in workshops with experienced master producers such as: José Luis Serrano (wallgraphy) Gregorio Gonzáles (airbrush- silicography - industrial materials) and Fernando Moreno Díaz (drawing).
In a self-taught way, Orlando Díaz has experimented with various techniques such as: airbrushing, screen printing, body paint, paper mache, modeling, digital media, industrial materials applied to graphics and sculpture, fiberglass and resins.

His recent work has been exhibited in Border cultural center in the group exhibition "Symphony of a decadence" Curated by Karen Huber in March 2010.
In December 2010 he exhibited as a group in “Tanto para nada”, an intervention organized by Casa Lamm en la Madriguera.

Exhibits in the first Pro-Arte auction exhibited in the lunario of the national auditorium in October 2009, organized by the galleries: Traeger & Pinto and Nina Menocal. In the same month, work is exhibited in the exhibition of selected artists from the art contest40 in the José Vasconcelos library. In June of the same year he participated in the Collective Exhibition entitled: Enjoy-it. At the Casa Lamm Culture Center and at Security for all. Agitprop gallery. San Diego, California. USA in March 2009.

In his career as a producer artist, he has more than twenty group exhibitions, among which are: XXVI Annual Sale of the Grupo de los Dieciséis AC (Hacienda Los Morales) and within the group show of the Autumn Salon by Traeger & Pinto Arte Contemporáneo ( Camino Real) mounted during the month of October 2008. In 2007, "100 years of the Young Ladies of Avignon" at the Traeger & Pinto Gallery; presenting pieces this year, at the annual Red Cross Exhibition in Monterrey.
During 2004 he participated in the exhibition "New Mexican Artists" at the Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez Museum, Toluca Edo. Mex. In 2002 he presented in a collective "Five Plastics from Mexico In Chilean Poetry" within the Consulate General of Chile in Mexico, Polanco.

It has two solo exhibitions at a professional level:
In August 2006 he inaugurated “El vals de los monos” at the Traeger & Pinto Gallery.
In May 2008 “Extraordinary Chronicles of the incredible and fantastic imaginary circus universe of the luminipuerco” Traeger & Pinto Arte Contemporáneo Gallery.

His work has been exhibited in: USA, Japan, Bulgaria and is in private collections in: Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the USA.

International exhibitions: 2009 Security for all. Agitprop gallery. San Diego, California. USES.
In 1998 he participated in the Mexico-Bulgaria Encounter, organized by the Samuel Menache Gallery, in the City of Sofia. Bulgaria. In 1997 he shows pictorial work in the exhibition organized for finalists and selected pieces in. "The 5th Takasaki International Art Competition (TIAC)" Takasaki, Japan.

In 1999 he obtained the First Place in the Mural Painting Contest organized by ITESM, Campus Tlalpan, (Awarded by Raúl Anguiano). 1997 Honorable Mention in the “The 5th Takasaki International Art Competiton” (TIAC) Takasaki, Japan.

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