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Teresa Olabuenaga


He was born in Mexico City in 1958.

He received the distinction of Artistic Creator by the National System of Art Creators of the Ministry of Culture, in the painting category, in 2016.

Master in Management of Educational Centers from the Universidad Anáhuac.

Degree in Communication with a Specialty in Film from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

It has more than 125 exhibitions in museums and galleries in Mexico, the United States, Bulgaria, Poland, Japan, the Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

He has several awards and distinctions both nationally and internationally, as well as studies of handmade paper in Japan and Costa Rica.

The influences in his artistic work are based on expressionist and conceptual aspects. His career and experience in painting, handmade paper, engraving and object art, allow him to experiment with mixed techniques that demonstrate his feelings around the subjects he covers.

Olabuenaga's work always revolves around four basic themes, which interrelated, speak of his point of view around the world he experiences: childhood, loneliness, death and the inner world, vectors that define his materials, composition and esthetic.

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