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Emilio Said

Emilio Said   CDMX 1970
Member of the National System of Creators
His work reflects the paths of an artist who travels freely between painting, expanded graphics, architecture, sound art, site-specific interventions and the discipline of archery, generating, in each movement, new rhizomatic shoots; new growth possibilities for work and thought.
His solo exhibition Archer's paradox was recently presented at the Kunstlerhaus, Salzburg, Austria.
His work has been presented in the following cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Bremen, Paris, San Remy, Vienna, Salzburg, Brussels, Budapest, Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Bolzano, Trieste, Warsaw, Finland, Basel, Prague, Kyoto , Osaka, Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Ottawa, Chicago, Kansas, Washington and New York. (among other)
It has multiple distinctions among which the following stand out:
International Biennial Engraving Acquisition Award, Posada Museum, Aguascalientes.
Artist in Residence, Salzburg, Austria.
Residence, Liles Workshop, Paris, France.
Artist in Residence Vienna, Austria.
Acquisition Award, 1st National Biennial of Contemporary Print, MUNAE, Cdmx.
FONCA Young Creators Scholarship in Painting and Graphics.
Acquisition Prize XVIII National Meeting of Young Art.
In Mexico his work has been present in: Rufino Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum, CDMX Museum of Modern Art, Carrillo Gil Museum, San Ildefonso Museum, Mexico City Museum, MUCA CU, Spain Cultural Center, MARCO Museum
  Monterrey, MACO (Museum of Contemporary Art. Oaxaca), IAGO Oaxaca, Arocena Museum, Torreón, Querétaro Museum of Art, MACAY Yucatan Museum. National Museum of the MUNAE Print.  

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