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He studied at the University of La Salle and the Academy of San Carlos, he studied philosophy and letters, sculpture and painting.

  Build metal sculptures with materials from parts of cars, motorcycles, electrical appliances of all kinds, some industrial waste. Although for him using all these parts does not mean that they are recycled or new, he says that they are pieces and vestiges of places and cultures that already existed or that ceased to exist, to later turn them into something new and totally different from the parts that are still recognizable. In front of the people, he also states that his creations are more than what they were, they are part of the forms of our culture because they are finally everyday materials. 

  His works have been exhibited in the Museum of Natural History (the first work). They were shown in the United States and Asia; at the Chicago Art Fair and at the Ethra Gallery in Mexico City.

His first work exhibited collectively was in 1984 in "Valores Juveniles Bacardí", in 1985 in the art contest "Juvenil del CREA" in Mexico City, he also obtained fourth place in the contest of the Academia de San Carlos, among others, the last Collective exhibition in which he participated was in 2005 at “Cheap & Chic, O Itatti”, México, DF; and "Objetitito", RIM Gallery, México, DF

Of the individual exhibitions in which he has presented his works, the first was in 1986 Youth Art Contest, Mexico City Art Museum; La Rosa Azul, El Gran Hotel  From Mexico City. In 1988 "The Best Works of Art", from La Academia de San Carlos, Museo del Chopo, DF In 2002 Zócalo in Mexico City. Museum  From Oaxaca. Gallery  Arte con Cinco, México, DF

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