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sofia echeverri


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Resigning the role of women and certain situations in danger of extinction are the motive for building my work.

I rescue aesthetic-symbolic components of different cultures in response to cultural hegemony and I make use of universal symbolic heritage to give women a place of power and equity, as well as trying to get out of the inertia of assuming what is given as the only option, specifying the desire to be free from discriminatory stereotypes.

My pictorial language proposes a dialectic between figuration - in black and white - and abstraction - in color - juxtaposing both modes of expression. This dialectic, which hides or reveals fragments of the composition, is a kind of construction / destruction of what is represented to give it dynamism.

The result is enigmatic images that allow to evoke nostalgia for what never existed and an attempt to seduce the viewer by showing a hidden / unknown possibility of the world.

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